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Traffic Operations

General Manager (Traffic)

Formulation  of entire routes, schedules, fixation of bus fares for various services of the Corporation.Controls the activities of  control room, bus stands and call center etc. Also looks after the works related to accidents, public complaints,suggestions and redressal etc. Deals with public contacts and other traffic related matters.


Traffic Commercial

Chief Traffic Manager (Commercial)

Mobilisation of commercial (non-traffic) revenue to the Corporation through management of commercial establishments and to provide basic amenities like Toilets, Drinking water, Refreshments, General stalls and parking facilities to passengers at major & minor bus stations.



Chief Law Officer and Public Information Officer

Entrustment of cases to panel advocates,furnishing of remarks and records,examination of witnesses before the Tribunals/Courts and ensure that cases are decided on merits.



Chief Systems Manager

Provide information technology support to all the departments of BMTC by way of design, develop and maintain both Software & Hardware. Assist the departments in automation, computerization, networking and provide security for the IT infrastructure.


Civil Engineering(Zone-1 and Zone-2)

Chief Civil Engineer

Development of civil infrastructure for the corporation. Construction of bus stations, Bus depots, Workshops, Administrative offices, Training Centers etc.,


Human Resource Development Department

Chief Manager (  HRD)

Responsible for Capacity building through training all employees of the corporation. There is a full fledged training centre at Vaddarahalli,Bengaluru- 562130


Labour Welfare

Chief Labour Welfare Officer

Looks after maintenance of harmonious labour and industrial relations in the organisation. Implementation of welfare schemes of the organization regarding health, education etc., in addition to various amenities provided underlabour legislations and truce agreements.


Accounts Department

Director Finance and Financial Advisor

Accounts Department is one of the vital organs of the Corporation.The revenue collected int the Depots are accounted by the Department and all payments are arranged through calculative fund management. As being done by the Government the Accounts Department will prepare a budget for the succeeding year to manage its revenue and payments. At the end of every financial year the Department will present the financial performance of the corporation to the Government. Accounts Department will ensure that the salary and other payments will reach the Bank Account of all employees every month.


Mechanical Engineering Department 

General Manager (Tech.,)

Responsible for monitoring vehicle preventive maintenance system/practices.


Production and Transport Planning Department 

Chief Mechanical Engineer (Production and Transport Planning)

Responsible for rolling stock planning, procurement and transport planning.


Administrative Department

Chief Personnel Manager

Administrative Department being the heart of the Corporation provides the administrative support to the Corporation for its effective functioning. The Major functionalities include optimum Manpower planning, a transparent recruitment & promotional processes to fill the available vacancies. Transferring of employees/officers for their optimum utilization. Effective day to day handling of all establishment matters. In order to encourage improvement in an employee whose conduct or performance is below acceptable standard Disciplinary procedures are managed.


Security and vigilance Department

Chief Security and Vigilance Officer

Security and vigilance Department is established to protect the physical assets of the Corporation besides having a control over pilferage misuse cheating and other antisocial activities by way of securing intelligence. It acts as "eyes and ears" of the corporation and keep a close vigil on the employees in maintaining integrity for the well being of the corporation.


Internal Audit


Responsible for audit of all the depots/divisions/departments and nodalofficer for RTI



Chief medical Officer

Responsible for timely treatment and extending assistence and also addressing health issues of the employees of the corporation 


Board Secretariat

Board Secretary

Responsible for activities relating to organizing Board Meetings of the corporation


Management Information Systems

Chief Manager, MIS

Responsible for collection and dissemination of data,analysis and interpretation of data to help management in the decision making endeavours.


Public Relation Department

Chief Public Relation Officer.

PRO functions as a bridge between the passengers, media and the corporation.  Gist of news published in major daily news papers are collected and sent to Managing Director and all the HOD’s. Request for advertisement and sponsors receive are putup for perusal and approval from the Competent Authority.  PRO section send paper notification, paper invite to the press about the function and meetings conducted by the corporation.  Tender notification of the entire BMTC office are routed from this office to the news papers (through MC&A).  


Stores and Purchases

Controller of Stores and Purchases

The Stores and Purchase Department of the Corporation is entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out all the activities related to Materials Management efficiently. Its control permeates the entire Organization from the depot to the Central offices wherever the purchasing, Inventory & transaction of the materials and disposal of scrap materials.


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